SiAlON Bonded Corundum Bricks

    SiAlONbonded corundum bricks are produced using fused corundum, industrial siliconpowder and alumina powder as starting materials, firing at high temperatures bythe nitridation solid solution reaction. Compared with the mullite bricks,mullite bonded corundum bricks, chrome corundum precast blocks and mullitebonded corundum precast blocks for the ceramic cup, the bricks are featuredwith long service life, high hot strength, and good resistance to hightemperature creep, corrosion, slag, alkali and thermal shocks. So they are highquality materials for ceramic cup in severe operation conditions. Meanwhile,the products are also used in the lower part of stack, belly and bosh of BF, theceramic cup of COREX reduction iron-making furnaces, or semi-coke beds.