High Infrared Radiation & High-temp Coating

This coating is the results of organic combination of multi-subjects and their comprehensive application. It can be widely applied in various industrial furnacesand kilns, boilers, high-temperature steam tunnels, heat exchanger, petroleumcracking equipment, engine parts, and high-temperature protection parts formetal component and many other fields.

    Performance and characteristics:

      1:High temperatureresistance, the highest temperature resistance is up to 1600

      2:Highemissive, the infrared emissivity is up to 0.93

      3:Highabrasion and impact resistance

      4:Low thermalconductivity, 0.3 W/m.K (600)

      5:Good acid and alkali corrosion resistance

      6:Curing at room temperature, non-toxic and environmentalfriendly