Fiber Chalking Resistance Coating

The coating with good thermal insulationalso has excellent performance in preventing fiber chalking and shedding. Itcan be widely used as high-temperature protection materials of refractory fiberlining for various industrial furnaces and kilns, high-temperature steampipeline. It can effectively improve the service life of fiber lining andfurnace. At the same time, due to its low thermal conductivity,the thermal loss of furnace walls can be reducedand furnaces’ energy-saving efficiency can be improved.

    Performance and Characteristics:

    1:Hightemperature resistance, the highest-temperature resistance up to 1400

    2:Strong adhesion with a variety of fiber products

    3:Resistance to thermal currents and dust erosion, long service life

    4:Highstrength, strong anti-scratch ability

    5:Ultra-lowthermal conductivity and good thermal insulation effect

    6:Convenient construction, it can be brushed or sprayedto the surface of fiber products directly at normal temperature

    7:Curing at room temperature, non-toxic and environmentalfriendly.