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Brief Introduction of Import& Export Corporation.Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research

Import & Export Corporation of  Luoyang Institute of  Refractories Research (LIRR) is a window of the institute to the world, responsible for international trade and cooperation.

LIRR granted the certificate for Enterprises with Foreign Trade Rights in P.R. China in 1995. As the bridge between oversea companies and LIRR for international exchange, business and cooperation, the import & Export Section ( former called Foreign Affair Office) has vigorously publicized/shown the technical strength and level of our institute to the world, made a lot of efforts to catch the opportunity of entering international market. Relay on comprehensive knowledge in refractories and quality high-tech products our institute, the Import & export Section, with their intelligence, enthusiasm and hard working, has made a great progress to seek global business opportunity and export LIRR products. It has received orders more than USD10million in the year of 2002, and the exported amount will be around 8million, the exported products include refractory raw material, product, and equipment. The products have been used in different companies of more than twenty countries.

Rely on technical superior and worldwide well known of our institute, the Import & Export Section helps the institute to complete many international cooperation project and technical service project together with some research divisions. In 1995, a technical how-how transfer on one kind of refractory products was made to an Indian company, which is the first Chinese technology on refractories to the world. In addition, a lot of technical cooperation or technical service with world well know companies have been successfully carried out, such as Elkem, Lafarge, Alcoa as well as some companies in England, Pakistan, Iran, and Taiwan etc.

Its main tasks are:

1. Import & export on various of refractory raw materials, high-tech refractory   products, refractory testing and production equipment

2. Engineering contract and technical know-how transfer on refractories

3. Consultation and technical service on refractories

4. Commission for inspection and testing of refractory raw materials and products.

Its philosophy is: teamwork, quality, efficiency and sincere collaboration. Welcome both domestic and overseas to contact us at:

Tel: 0086-379-64205846,64205813

Fax: 0086-379-64246695